Top 10 UK problem home pest infestations

U.K. Problem pests come in a variety of species and size, here are the top 10

Flies, Ants, Wasps, Mice, Rats, Spiders, Moths, Woodlice, Bedbugs and Cockroaches
As you can see most of these are insect infestations, some are DIY treatable, the rest need specialist treatments.

The common brown rat is a big problem in and around UK homes.

It is extremely serious if rats are getting into your home even if they are not entering a direct living area. Any rat problem inside the home must be treated urgently.
Rats in the garden and other external areas can also be high risk, particularly in areas used by children or pets

Wasp Control

These are definitely not for DIY Removal

Although here in the UK wasps are not as hostile as some overseas varieties, they can and will do anything they can to protect the swarm, even if it means losing their own life in the process. Wasp stings can be at best, painful, but at worst life threatening if they are provoked and attack en masse.

If you have a Wasp problem please call us immediately, if left to themselves they will grow exponentialy, causing damage and a much greater problem for later removal.

Grey Squirrels

Wasp nests

Wasps will quickly build their community on anywhere the queen settles.

Fox Control

Animal Exclusions &

Pro-Active, or Re-Active? Tackling a potential problem.

Over the years we have dealt with literally thousands of problem pests, some are the result of situations developing naturally which is of course an inevitable turn of events, however many of the cases we have had to deal with could have been avoided if the clients had been more Pro-active and tried to reduce the opportunity of pest infestation by removing any 'invitation areas' to their home or land