Pest problems can compromise building safety

Pest infestation problems are not just about health issues, serious property damage can occur if left unchecked.

Millions of pounds are spent every year on repairing or replacing damaged areas of buildings caused by insects or rodents taking up residency in your home or outbuildings. In severe infestations the building integrity is at risk to such a point that many a property owner has had to vacate the premises.
At the first sign of any indication that your home may be at risk you should call in a profession pest control company without delay.

Most pest infestations and accompanying damage are considered maintenance issues by insurance companies. In other words, the insurance company's position is that you could have prevented the mishap by eradicating the pests before they ate you out of house and home.

Rising threat of pest damage to UK housing stock

Britain's pest population is growing, according to research from LV= home insurance..

Two-thirds (65%) of pest controllers say the number of pests in UK homes has increased in the past year and report a surge in rats, mice, squirrels and bed bugs.

Pest controllers put this down to a combination of warmer, modern houses attracting rodents and poorer street hygiene since domestic rubbish collections have been reduced. The average British household now has the heating on their homes for close to half (5.8 months) of the year and rodents such as rats, mice and squirrels have sought shelter in houses from the recent harsh winters, which has led to a rise in rodent infestations in our homes.

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Insurance companies have noticed an increasing problem with pest control issues.

John O'Roarke, Managing Director of LV= home insurance, said: "Pests are small but powerful and can wreak havoc in the home, from bees blocking chimneys and rodents chewing cables, which can destroy whole houses. The dangers of ignoring a pest problem can be devastating and those who find unwanted guests in their home should call in the experts before it is too late."