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Whatever the problem, call us now on 07812024973.
We operate 7 days a week, and will always, where possible, get to you the same day!
We are a Local and independent company based in East Leake nr Loughborough, we are big enough to cope but small enough to care.
Responsible solutions for the treatment, eradication and prevention of :- Moles – Wasp nests – Rats – Mice –Squirrels – Flea Control – Foxes – Bedbugs – Ants – Cockroaches – Birds – Crawling insects – Flies – Moths and many more!
Solutions Pest Control believe in the responsible use of pesticides.
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Company Associations

SocietyThe Royal Society for Public Health is an independent, multi-disciplinary charity organisation, dedicated to the promotion and protection of collective human health and well-being.

associationBy employing only pest controllers who are registered with BASIS PROMPT, clients can be assured that they have chosen managers and technicians who are able to deliver a truly professional level of service

nptaThe NPTA is the premier professional membership association within the UK with over 850 “memberships”, and are the largest UK membership body in the UK Pest Control Industry.Solutions Pest Control are proud to be an accredited member

nptaWe are also Accredited Technicians for CRRU/Basis Wildlife Aware.
Our certification No. is WA/136

We are also registered members of the British Mole Catchers Association

Areas Covered

We operate approximately within a 20 mile radius of our Head Office in East Leake.

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If you are outside this area and would still like to consult us then please use any of the contact details in our site

Wasp and Ant Season approaches

Wasps: are generally a nuisance pest and are feared for their ability to sting – the sting is painful and in some rare circumstances can result in anaphylactic shock ( without immediate medical attention can prove fatal). Dealing with a wasp nest can be dangerous and professional advice should be sought.

Ants: Pharaoh’s Ants are of greater significance than garden ants as they carry harmful germs which they pick up when feeding on decomposing food, faecal matter, and when coming into contact with drains and hospital dressings.

Solutions Pest Control are experts in their removal, contact us now to discuss your problem before they become a health hazard

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